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About us

Native Indian Wellness ReImagined for your Modern Lifestyle

A legacy of over 85 years in the Indian tea industry and a eureka moment is what led to the creation of VAHDAM® India. The traditional supply-chain was disrupted, technology was put to good use, and the glory of handpicked Indian teas and superfoods was put on the map, courtesy of a homegrown brand with a world bound take. No unnecessary middlemen. Straight from India’s divine gardens to your cups. And it all started with a young man’s pursuit to make his country’s native wellness wisdom accessible to the entire world, through an honest and ethical route.

Do Good by Doing Good

Staring into an uncertain future is not something we wish for our farmers. Our efforts truly mean something when it shines upon the lives of these people who nurture with such love, care and passion. Besides empowering them on a macro level, we work on micro issues like education and health. Every time you purchase a VAHDAM® India product, 1% of the revenue goes towards the education of our farmers’ children."

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